Why 15-60-24-7 Could Save Your Life

In short, this guide is for ‘the rest of us’, is aligned well for the needs of a family, couple, or single person who has to focus more intently on their day job than on their disaster preparations, and wants to be able to sleep at night knowing they’ve got it covered.

"The preparation and readiness philosophy presented here is one that everyone can follow. This philosophy is based on my personal experience encompassing nearly 30 years of my life as a lightweight backpacker, a lifelong outdoorsman, within the military, as a rural and urban investigator, and most recently, within a fast growing segment of the survival community. My life has been fortunate in that I’ve been surrounded with great friends who’ve done many things within the service of our country just as I have. I will provide a perspective from the edge of those communities, from someone who had to learn and demonstrate a great deal of the same mindset, physical fitness and nutritional foundations, yet had to carry on a separate job that was more technical than physical."

Interrupting power, Internet, EBT in any region results in chaos… Chaos that many are not ready for, and at that point the causality of the service outage becomes irrelevant, with the clock starting to tick towards complete anarchy the longer those services are out, particularly within urban areas, and particularly when those affected have no long term plan.

About the Author

Naval Aircrewman, Private Investigator, Lightweight Backpacker, Father

‘Jetman’ is a former Naval Aircrewman with an investigative and military intelligence background. A graduate and staff of the Navy's West Coast SERE school in the late 1980s, Jetman is an advocate of lightweight backpacking fusion with the bugout bag concept, and interactively teaches core concepts like 15-60-24-7 in 90 minute sessions. Jetman has also authored and implemented disaster preparedness and high rise evacuation plans for corporations up to 180 people in size.

“It should be noted that as a single dad with small children, I'm the one who is responsible for everything, period. As a parent responsible for little ones, I typically store 2/3 away from my home,” he adds. “This means minus my bugout bag, 72 hour kit and security kit, other critical nonperishable items are split up and located at two other separate locations. I have peace of mind knowing that if I can’t get home first, I can head directly for an alternate location and be safe, sane, and sound. I’m not a Navy SEAL, I’m not a Green Beret, but I had to learn the core elements of advanced survival in order to do my job as an aircrewman, ultimately deployed onboard one of the Navy’s last tactical carrier-based jets to require an enlisted member of its permanent flight crew. After training I served on multiple continents including Somalia, and witnessed the horrors of life without the rule of law firsthand. Just like I used my military mindset and training later in life as a private investigator working high risk cases, you can ‘stack the deck’ against death. I’m writing this guide to save time for ‘the rest of us’ who haven’t undergone the training it takes to be a SEAL, Green Beret, or Marine Recon sniper. If you need to evacuate in a crisis, use this online guide to quickly assemble your gear and stay alive.